Carrying Stand, Adapter Holder


I’ve talked about the battery options last time. This time, thanks to Type U, we can have a glimpse of the two other accessories that the Vaio UX also come with: the carrying stand and the adapter holder.

The carrying stand is a small device that attaches to the back of the Vaio UX to make it stand on a table. There are two grooves on top of one end of the stand that would let you adjust the tilt angle of the device. It folds flat at the back when not in use. Sony also branded the stand with ’Sony’ and ’Vaio’ logos — a nice touch.

The adapter holder is literally what it says. It is a rubber molded contraption to hold the Vaio UX power adapter,  and the display/LAN adapter. Sony Clie devices that I own usually came with only tie wires and velcro thingies to tie the power adapter wires. Again, Sony branded the holder with ’Sony’ and ’Vaio’ logos Great touch again Sony.

See these two accessories in action after the jump.

Carrying stand in action:


Adapter holder in action:


Thanks to Type U for the pics!

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