FCC Approves the Vaio UX


While the FCC shows that they have approved a Sony handheld device with model number PCG-1J1L, we believe that this is the Sony Vaio UX180P. PCG-1J1L is obviously a temporary model number since nowhere in all the
FCC documents mentioned ”Vaio” when the image found in one of the documents clearly has a Vaio brand at the back (”aio” visible) .

It is also interesting to note that Sony requested confidentiality of the device from the FCC on March 24, 2006, only a few days after the official announcement of the UMPC. This might mean that Sony was already hard at work designing their Micro PC probably way before the UMPC concept
was even thought of.

Check out the image after the jump which compares the FCC pic with the Vaio UX. We have added arrows to show how the PCG-1J1L is exactly that of the Vaio UX180P (VGN-UX180P).

1J1L vs UX180P

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