The i.Link Portable DVD+-RW Drive


Last time I mentioned that I was upgrading my external optical drive to the Sony PCGA-DDRW3. I did place
an order for it at SonyStyle for $100 and it arrived after two days. This is a great deal by the way since this same drive is $200+ elesewhere

This firewire drive supports reading and writing to CDs, DVDs, and dual-layer DVDs. Here are the read/write specs:

Read: DVD+R Double Layer: 4X, DVD+R, DVD-R: 8X, DVD+RW, DVD-RW: 4X, DVD-ROM: 8X, CD-R, CD-ROM: 24X, CD-RW: 20X 
Write: DVD+R Double Layer: 2.4X, DVD-R, DVD+R: 8X, CD-R:24X, DVD-RW, DVD+RW: 4X, CD-RW: 10X

It comes with two sets of cables - a 4-pin to 4-pin i.Link (firewire) cable and a Vaio i.Link cable. The latter is a special cable for specific Vaio notebooks so you don’t have to connect the drive to a power outlet. Since the port replicator/cradle of the Vaio UX doesn’t have this connector, you have to settle with the regular 4-pin to 4-pin purple cable plus the power adapter.

Cables aside, let me say that this is the best drive for the size, price, and specs you can get for your UX. The UX will let you boot from it, backup, play DVDs, and listen to music CDs. A great add-on.

More detailed pics after the jump. 




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