UX490N information up on Sony’s esupport website
UX490N manual

Still without any official announcement from Sony (I don’t think they know how to advertise), information regarding the forthcoming UX490N has gone up on Sony’s website. No new surprises within the user guide or technical specifications. The initial US release of the UX490N will include a 48GB SDD, and new Core 2 Solo U2200 CPU (1.2GHz). Interestingly enough, the technical specs show the U2200 CPU as having 2MB of L2 cache, while Intel’s site still shows a conflicting 1MB L2 cache on their Core 2 Solo processor specifications page.

It would appear from the information on the esupport website that a package will be released under the title of UX490N/C. This package will come with the new UX490N, as well as the VAIO Bluetooth GPS receiver, and an extended battery (apparently in addition to the standard battery). Prices for this package are yet to be determined. Check out the following links to take a look at some of this preliminary UX490N documentation -

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