VAIO UX490 (finally) announced and on sale

More than a month after Amazon debunked rumors surrounding the release of a new UX, Sony has finally put the much awaited UX490 up on their site for sale. It actually looks like a great deal too. As previously mentioned, the UX490 has a black case like the UX390 and upgrades to the new Core 2 Solo CPU (U2200 @ 1.2GHz), as well as a 48GB SSD in place of a traditional HDD. Aside from these differences, the UX is identical to its predecessors, and is the US equivalent to the UX92. The price from Sony is currently sitting at $2,499, which may sound expensive at first, but as the esupport documents showed us, this is the UX490N/C which comes bundled with some very nice goodies. Here is what you will find in the UX490N/C package -

In addition to all of the standard accessories accessories. When you take a look at it, this is actually a wonderful deal. The UX490N/C package makes the UX390 nearly obsolete. If you bought the extended battery and bluetooth GPS unit on their own from Sony, you’d be paying another $500 essentially dropping the price of the UX490 itself down to $2000. If you were looking into purchasing the UX390 from Sony, I see absolutely no reason to stay with the UX390 instead of purchasing the UX490. The UX390 is still selling for $2349 from Sony. Dropping another $150 will get you the new U2200 Core 2 Solo CPU (over the old U1500 Core Solo), an extra 16GB of flash based storage space, an extended battery in addition to the standard battery, and the bluetooth GPS unit. says the estimated ship date for the UX490N/C is 11/5/07, just two days from the time of writing.

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