Mac OSX Leopard running on UX
This has been floating around the forums and in the Wiki for a while, but I now have the time to give it the front page credit that it deserves. It was a group effort getting Leopard to work well on the UX, with different people from the community giving advice and even code to help improve the experience. With all that information, MeanSquare put together a helpful guide for anyone to follow. Of course not all aspects of the device are working such as the touchscreen and WiFi but some users have replaced their UX’s WiFi cards with Leopard compatible versions, and compatibility for different hardware continues to be worked on. Be sure to check the “Whats Still Not Working” section of the guide before installing. Jump over to the Wiki to take a look at the guide (as well as some screenshots), and make sure to check the Mac OSX forum here at Micro PC Talk for discussion and more information on getting Leopard working on your UX.

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