UX models benchmarked

I’ve spent a lot of time compiling data from the UX benchmark thread so we can really get an idea of how the different UX models compare to each other. While none of this is guaranteed to be 100% accurate, it should give you a good visual representation of how they stack up to one another. Before we get into the benchmark results, lets look at all the different models and their specs. The models here are arranged from newest to oldest release -

Model Comparison Char updated

Take special notice that the UX490 is using the newer Core 2 Solo CPU and not the previous Core Solo versions. Also before we being, I’d like to mention that the benchmark program used for all of these results was Crystal Mark. As I said before, these test results and comparisons will not be completely accurate, unfortunately I don’t have all that much data for certain models. In some cases if there were any discrepancies in the test, they won’t have averaged out. Though I still feel like we have enough content to get a clear picture of the performance of each model, and I really wanted to get this up on the front page to people can make more informed purchasing decisions. Now what you have all been waiting for - prepare for incoming barrage of graphs!

Overall Score Crystal Mark
Open GL Crystal Mark

Vista is quite clearly the determining factor in this OpenGL test. The UX380, UX390, and UX490 are all running Vista, and it doesn’t seem to handle OpenGL nearly as well as XP.

updated HDD/SSD

I still haven’t been able to get the exact model of SSD used by the UX490, but I thought it would be the same as the UX390’s. Either it is an upgraded model, or the Core 2 Solo can handle the SSD better than the Core Solo. As you can see the UX490’s SSD performed quite a bit better than the UX390’s.

RAM crystal mark

As one would assume, all the 1GB models performed very similarly. We see a small jump in performance when going from the UX180’s 512MB of RAM to the other models.


Surprisingly all of the models performed very similarly to one another in the FPU area which is a test of processing speed. Its unclear whether or not the upgraded CPU’s on the UX380 (U1500), UX390 (U1500), and UX490 (U2200) have the same FPU performance as the UX180 and UX280 (both U1400). Its quite possible that they have such close scores because Vista dragged the scores of the UX380, UX390, and UX490 down.


Arithmetic Logic unit is a more basic processing test. As one would expect, there is an increase in the score of the most recent three models which use faster processors, it is also possible that the difference between the oldest two models and the newest three would be even greater if we were comparing one XP unit to another.

Many people want to know what kind of performance increase or decrease you’d see going from the 1.33GHz Core Solo U1500 (equipped on the 380 and 390) to the 1.2GHz Core 2 Solo U2200 (on the 490). While I haven’t been able to do a hands on test of both machines I can say that the Core 2 Solo at very least should match the Core Solo in it’s performance. It should have a somewhat greater performance, but unfortunately I don’t have enough 490 data to represent that on the graphs. In addition to the matched or better performance that the Core 2 Solo has over the Core Solo, it should consume somewhat less power. The Core 2 Solo has more advanced power saving options, and most of the new technologies that come with the Core 2 Duo line, whereas the older Core Solo represents the technology that came with the Core Duo processors.There were a few more graphs that I didn’t put up because I didn’t have the expertise to talk about them, so for those of you interested here is a graph containing all of the tests.

Updated Overall Graph

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  1. 1 1 tilen


  2. 2 2 memecordon

    The UX280p is really higher than the others when it comes to the OpenGL, what does that mean? it has better 3d graphics? I dont know if I understand exactly what “OpenGL” is, but since I always see it on 3D Games, I assume it has something to do with 3D acceleration.

    So, is the 280p better when it comes to 3d games?

  3. 3 3 shinji

    Thanks for the data. Just a minor changed need for the SSD used in the 490. It should be 48GB instead of 32GB. Again, great comparison.

  4. 4 4 ComputerCowboy

    The 280P only gets better OGL scores because it has XP instead of Vista.

    I put XP on my 390N and got great OGL scores. The only differences in the models are Storage, Memory and Processor.

  5. 5 5 hazmat

    Yippeee…My 280P is a great comparitive value (one bad ass UX)

  6. 6 6 strra

    vista doesn’t natively support OpenGL because microsoft considers it a dead technology. video driver makers need to incorporate their own software in their drivers to support OGL. i believe nvidia is the only company that has done this so far.
    don’t try to play knights of the old republic on vista… it feels like you’re playing a powerpoint slideshow!

  7. 7 7 phantom

    ATI have OpenGL drivers for Vista as well (and they are significantly better in many case than the XP drivers).

    All this benchmark shows for OpenGL is that Intel need to get their Vista OGL drivers into shape.

  8. 8 8 leventozler

    “An overview of benchmarks has been posted at Micro PC Talk. Some of the benchmarks are showing OpenGL being much slower on Vista than on a comparitive XP machine.”

  9. 9 9 belbo

    It is interesting to see that there isn’t such a great amount separating the different UX generations, aside from SSD drive speeds. This must be a happy result for everyone with “older” models :)
    It does make me wonder, when will the processor/motherboard/memory/graphics update come, that really makes a difference in performance? The SSD drive is a good start, that’s for sure…

  10. 10 10 bzzz


  11. 11 11 anh

    Memory test in 180 is not surprising me because it is speed test. So they are all same speed, that mean they should have same performance although 180 only has 512MB.
    490 has SSD model MCBQE48GKMPQ-M1A

  12. 12 12 Yechezkal

    HOw do DirectX ( (and even 10) applicaitons work on the UX390N. I have a VRML applicaiton that is getting 30FPS. BUt how does an the benchmarkes compare wihen one used DirectX instead of OpenGL?

  13. 13 13 Dr. YSG

    Let me clarify the benchmark numbers I am looking for:

    What is the difference between a DirectX9 applicaitn running on Vista, Versus a DirectX9 applicaiton running on WinXP (UX 390N)? I assume none. But this might tell people if rolling back to XP is worth it for non-graphics applications.

  14. 14 14 MeanSquare

    The reason for OpenGL being so slow on Vista (unless the hardware manufacturers incorporate it into their drivers) is because Vista emulates OpenGL. The OGL calls are routed through DirectX for rendering. The conversion process slows it down considerably. Intel does incorporate OpenGL in the drivers for the graphics chip on the UX, but not very well at all. Conversely, OpenGL is built into OSX and the UX, running OSX does a passable job. (I don’t have a lot of MAC programs or benchmarks to test just how well though.

  15. 15 15 Orion

    Another benchmark chart with anothers devices (link) give you a more extended vision. Interesting now is try ‘fritz chess benchmark’ in U2200 processor.Thanks.

  16. 16 16 Ron

    I would love to see how the vista machines (380,390,490) bench with XP clean installed in place of windows…

    Anyone out there?

  17. 17 17 Engine

    Come on guys, keep in mind the vido hardwae and software is by Intel.
    Thy are about the worst vdeo manufacturer on the market.

    If Intel’s drivers only emulate OpenGL via DirectX it most likely a decision persuaded by Microsoft

  18. 18 18 chicken

    Hey guyi notice that the vista models have more video ram is this shared video ram or seperate?

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