Custom made hardcover screen protector and stand for UX
hardcase 1

Halx of the forums has hand crafted a great looking hardcover case, that doubles as a stand, for his UX. The cleverly designed accessory attaches to the UX using the same slots that the dock uses to hang onto the UX. Halx says the hand made cover took him nearly 6 hours to make, and its made using two pieces of acrylic glass. As you can see in the following pictures, there is a cutout for the fingerprint scanner which appears to be cut at an angle to allow the finger to slide over it easily. Check out more shots below, and stop by Halx’s original thread for addition pictures and information.


8 Responses to “Custom made hardcover screen protector and stand for UX”  

  1. 1 1 ux4ever

    i see, we definitely love our babies ;-)

  2. 2 2 hazmat

    What would be a great mod for your mod is an anti-glare coating so the UX would be more useable outside….the builtin lcd is so glossy that any ambient light makes a hellish reflection problem for outside use.

  3. 3 3 halx

    hazmat, it’s very easy to replace the acrylic glass with anything you like, including anti-glare glass if you have some to cut. Or, probably, it is possible to find an anti-glare film and apply it over the regular acrylic…

  4. 4 4 tinker2000


    Great idea, but I would be concerned about blocking the vents. However, in principle is a cracking idea.

  5. 5 5 fallinthedepth

    looks very nice!
    But you can’t use the touchscreen with the case, right ?!

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