The Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

Sony just announced today the Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC. Sony this time packs a 1600×768 8-inch backlit XBRITE-ECO LED screen, 1.33Ghz Intel Processor, 2GB RAM, 802.11n, WAN 3G Mobile Broadband, A2DP capable Bluetooth, built-in GPS and webcam in to the 1.4 pound, 10.99″ x 0.93″ x 7.87″ VAIO P. Sony claims a 4-hour battery life on the standard batter and up to 8 hours on the extended.

The Sony VAIO P will arrive February for $900 (60 GB HD), $1200 (64GB SSD), $1500 (128GB SSD), and extended battery for $129. It is available for pre-order now at SonyStyle.

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