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Unread 06-11-2008, 12:49 AM
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I am very curious to see what this new model will offer

.. the Zero Weight on screen keyboard rocks for typing
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Unread 06-11-2008, 02:51 AM
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Thanks Orpheus for the link!

I would be very surprised Sony move out of this area - Especially given that the U was before the UX...doesnt make sense - especially as Sonys line up is so comprehensive across vaio in general, against a backdrop of a constant move toward UMPCs in the market.

I would say that the TZ has been far more successful, but then again it is closer to the mainstream and easily identifiable for its usage.

Think the biggest difficulty in this area is that alot of Users want this machine to be their main machine - which is different to just mobile on the go.

I tried to make the UX my only pc, but it didnt work, with 2gb of ram, granted this might change things, but vista really needs it.

I changed to the TZ with 64gb ssd and 200gb hd with 1.2 core solo which is nice. Amazing because for a while I saw this as my main computer. I love it to bits, but even though it is only the size of an A4 pad of paper and has the battery life of a god.....its not nearly as portable as the UX and I missed the hand writing for email etc.

Many people will not like this, and coming from me, a major Sony junkie, this may sound surprising - but I bought an OQOe2 with 64gb flash and HSDPA.

I only use this on the go and have no thoughts of parting with my TZ.

Basically its just smaller than the UX with a better keyboard. I liked the digitizer screen because no screen lock is needed on the go. For what I use on the OQO speed wise there isnt any noticeable difference - bear in mind I have owned 3 UX's up to the flash 32gb version. 1gb for Vista is not quite enough for me.

Some things on the UX are gimmicky - the camera, whilst nice is pretty crappy, though the webcam is great. The keyboard is very ordinary and whilst I like the mouse and buttons either side, I dont like the sofa style look, also making it a tad bulky for bulks sake. The extended battery is also poorly thought through - unlike the TZ which is a masterpiece, actually making it better to use the keyboard.

The Sony U had no keyboard of course - I almost bought one of these second hand, but then felt it would just be slow...so didnt. Not interested in going back to Xp either.

I think Sony would do well to look at the U,the UX and the OQO in its new design. Oh, and 2gb ram for sure.
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Unread 06-11-2008, 09:58 AM
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Virtua. I so totally thing you should go back to XP. I tried to make my UX380 my main PC with vista, I really did. But it was just way to slow for me. So I went ahead and bought a kick ass gaming desktop.

Later on, when vista on my UX started to crap out on me finally, I decided to go ahead and try Sull's XP cd creator. I don't touch my AMD 5000+, 320gb 2gb , 9600GT, gaming box for anything other than games, dvd creation, photo/video/music editing, and anything else weird that I don't normally do.

But, I could probably live off of a netbook if I really tried... The UX isn't for everyone as a main computer, but for people who will buy and netbook, but are looking for something with more power and in a smaller package, the UX could suit them just fine. But here's a fact: switching to the UX as my main computer definitely saved buttloads off my power bill :P

As for the main topic on hand. I feel that Sony is discontinuing their UX line. I can still see them having the U series in the future though. When the Clie UX disappeared, I thought I would never again see something so useful in such a small package. Until the UX line came along. We'll just have to wait and see though.
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Unread 06-11-2008, 11:59 AM
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Any guesses on when we will see an updated version on the web? I just REALLY want a better keyboard this time.

@ Virtua- I had a T series (not TX) but it was a great computer. I am typing this post on a Fujitsu p1610 which is what I replaced it with. I don't buy any non-touch or non-tabletPC screens any longer which is why I went away from that Sony computer. BUT she was awesome.
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Unread 06-11-2008, 12:34 PM
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I have had my Fujitsu P1610 for well over a year now. It is the best tablet that I have ever had for writing on the screen. The glass feels different than any other, stronger maybe ?? Like you could write on it with an ice pick [ exaggerating a bit ] and not do damage to the screen. I will keep my P1610 until forever !
writing - not typing on my UMPC - please forgive my wrytos..
~~ diane whatever ~~
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