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Unread 12-30-2011, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ceehoppy1st View Post
Here's what I would suggest- don't try to salvage something that's FUBAR'ed- wipe out everything on your drive & start from scratch, but use Win7 install disk. It has memory-RAM test built in - use it to confirm that your 390 ram is ok.

Then choose to let Win7 delete everything & create a single partition (Win7 will create a second hidden 100MB partiton for boot files but that shouldn't really matter)- then quit install. Switch to XP install (a USB cd drive is easiest but you can do it from a bootable usb flash/hdd- that just takes a special utility to create it). Let XP format & install to the existing partition. You should be good to go & your partition alignment will be ssd compatible.

(or use anh's image- I just don't know if it can be applied to a ssd with the correct starting offset- some image programs like to default to XP's 32KB offset.)
How would I go about doing that? I only have a XP Boot Disk...How do I obtain a Windows 7 Boot Disk? Do I create one from a computer running Windows 7? How do I do that...also so when I do the Win7 Install from a Boot Disk of course...I reformat everything to a single partition run the tests...Then I quit the installation, plug the XP drive in and then Do a clean install?

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