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Unread 01-07-2012, 06:22 PM
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Default wireless switch software
Hi guys,followed the instructions regarding windows 7 install,windows update,gabes drivers/utilites in readthrough order.everything works,rear camera touch etc,having a nightmare with the wireless switch utility.it loads up but all i get is the bluetooth icon (blue b)side of it,no wifi(have upgraded the card,dont think thats an issue).i know windows takes care of wifi bluetooth as both work when the utility is not installed,i just like having the option to switch between.would be grateful of some advice.its a ux1xn if that matters.i dont want to start going into ms config and switching things off as i dont know what i am looking for apart from the obvious.
thanks in advance for any help.
ps.this is my third ux(ebay bargain) and for the life of me this has never happened on my other installs,very strange or maybe i just cant remember.
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