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by enterman
Mon May 10, 2010 07:01
Forum: General
Topic: OMFG: VAIO New Ultra Mobile
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by enterman
Tue Aug 11, 2009 06:21
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Testing tablet PC pen input
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Interesting. As soon as I get my TX2, I think I'll try posting in here using only pen input. See how it goes.
by enterman
Sun Aug 02, 2009 19:42
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Horrible Compact Flash speed
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I think it's time to activate a "New members must use the search button at least 10 times before posting" policy: keyword = compact flash slow It's always been this slow since the first UX in 2006.
by enterman
Mon Jul 20, 2009 00:34
Forum: Software
Topic: help please-very worried about installin xp and drivers!
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Hiya I am sorry to trouble you but I have a ux1xn running vista and I want to put XP on it- however, I am very worried that some drivers might not work- is your driver pack guaranteed to work? Also, if I put XP on my ux1xn, do I have to get rid of the partition that has the vista image or is there ...
by enterman
Thu Jul 16, 2009 18:14
Forum: Software
Topic: Games that work on the UX
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1415gateway wrote:hey i just tried Half Life 2 and doom 3 on my sony vaio ux 490 cd2 it plays good the game is amazing and it doesn't crash only in the intro i used a patch and tweak to pass intro

doom 3 plays ok i got high 65 fps to 7 fps

Just asking to make sure, is that 7 a mistype I hope?
by enterman
Fri Jul 10, 2009 01:51
Forum: Alternate OS
Topic: windows 7 the savior for ux
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Currently it's ill-advised to switch to windows 7 completely as Drivers are not up to par yet. Just read this article at Tom's Hardware:,2339.html the battery life on their netbook was shortened by 2.5 hours. Of the very limited battery life you have ...
by enterman
Fri Jul 10, 2009 00:51
Forum: Hardware
Topic: UX280P appears to have given up the ghost - SAVE THE UX
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Post exactly what Samsung CD drive you're using. Have you ever tried to boot from this drive before on the UX?
by enterman
Wed Jul 08, 2009 06:13
Forum: Software
Topic: Can i use two OS`s : Win7 and Win XP on my UX?
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Dear Enterman! If i am not mistaken this link is talking about only installing WXP ON the usb drive to boot from it and to work. But i have no cd drive and i want to install WXP from usb drive on my ux380. As i see this link is not about my situation? Please correct me . My regards! Oh sorry about ...
by enterman
Tue Jun 30, 2009 09:00
Forum: General
Topic: Is Anh Nguyen a trusted person?
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Hello guys. I purchased an used UX380N on ebay from Anh Nguyen. He stated that the unit is fully functional but the unit was defective. Everything worked except for the bluetooth module. So I asked him for a help and he told me to return for an exchange.(He said that he has another UX380N for an ex...

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