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by darkerx
Mon Feb 23, 2009 00:02
Forum: Hardware
Topic: CF and MS DUO card reader read speed
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I son't know for CFs but I'm used to fill my 16gb MS Duo with DivXs and MP3... wich works perfectly.
by darkerx
Sun Feb 08, 2009 19:31
Forum: Hardware
Topic: overclocking cpu
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Overclocking... for games that need a little boost to be perfect...
Downclocking (with the same tool you can downclock a 490 to 485mhz)... when you use your UX for data entry, web browsing, youtube... whatever except games... :)
by darkerx
Sat Feb 07, 2009 23:43
Forum: Hardware
Topic: overclocking cpu
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Of course... for instance, my modded 280 (U7700) runs @1435 instead of 1330.
You should use 'setfsb' and select the clock generator: ics9lpr321bklf... it will change the fsb directly, and the whole UX will go faster (not only the cpu)
by darkerx
Fri Feb 06, 2009 23:52
Forum: General
Topic: Need UX benchmark data
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High non-ssd score

UX 280 modded: U7700@1435mhz+120gb hdd (slow)
by darkerx
Fri Feb 06, 2009 23:11
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Core2Duo Upgrade Service Information
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Just a few words, as I just received back my UX from Ahn:
Mods done: U7700+hdd 120gb
=45998 cmark2004 (one of the best mark ever with a non-ssd disk...)

So, thanks a lot Ahn... :) my UX is now a perfect micro-gaming rig...
by darkerx
Wed Jan 14, 2009 18:35
Forum: Competitors
Topic: Sony's UX Replacement? (PCG-1P1L and PCG-1P2L)
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Here is one...for sale on ebay...weak atom... but at least a 128gb ssd...maybe usable in a UX...
item number on ebay: Numéro de l'objet : 380095487876
by darkerx
Sun Jan 11, 2009 00:43
Forum: Software
Topic: Games that work on the UX
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As I haven't see them mentionned here: Rayman 3 = perfect XIII (a very nice fps) = perfect Thief , deadly shadows = a bit slow but very playable with "low settings" Psychonauts demo = a bit slow but very playable By the way: because of vista, playing with a 490 is a lot worse than playing with a 280...
by darkerx
Sat Jan 10, 2009 21:11
Forum: Hardware
Topic: I need your helping hands for 2GB RAM project.
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80$ sent...

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