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Posted: Sun May 19, 2013 20:56
by tomn
The more I look at the what Samsung makes, the more I like their products. I used to love Sony products but have moved to using mostly Samsung - Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 10.1 and my wife has the Galaxy S3 and Note 10.1 as well.

The proliferation of all these smartphones and tablets tells us that we UMPC adpoters were on the right trend - we are truly the pioneers of all these smart devices and way ahead of everyone else. Looking back at my PCG-U1 circa 2002, I can't believe everyone now has a smartphone that is more powerful, easily pocket able, and even higher resolution with thousands of apps. I remember the days of bringing out the U1 or the U50, people will stare at you when you use them in public. Nowadays nobody gives a hoot if you use your smarphone or tablet in public.

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 05:44
by bigs
even though smart phones, and tablets are now more powerful and have more apps than UMPCs like the UX. It is not all about the apps, it is about the functionality of the device. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is something nice about using full Microsoft Word, Excel, or Full Photoshop CS on a truely tiny mobile device. The ability to manage files in a fully flexible manner, etc etc.

the UX still is the best PC in your pocket. Android may have split screen now but it is still very far in my opinion to replacing the UX.

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 06:52
by tomn

Totally agree, the UX is still one of the best PC in your pocket. I am using some of the most advanced Android devices and it is still far away from a Windows installation, but it is getting closer and closer. I am able to get perhaps 70-80% of my work done without needing a PC.

By the way, you should seriously look at Viliv N5, The CPU is a bit slower than UX, but the form factor is way better, with a much more usable keyboard. I would put the Viliv N5 ahead of the UX in terms of practicality and portability. It easily fits into my front shirt pocket!

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 00:45
by bigs
the Viliv N5 would be alot slower than my UX. The reason being I have the "Anh upgrade u7700 core2duo" UX. You may ask, do I need that much CPU power in a portable..I say yes! You can never have too much power. I use my UX frequently to run specific noise reduction algorithms, convert videos on the run, Photo Editing, gaussian blurring, all of which requires CPU power. I also do simple CAD work on it.

My UX is used the same way I would treat a desktop!

Not saying the Viliv N5 is not a good umpc, but it sports an Atom CPU, which to me is really too slow to do any serious work. I dare say, a Arm based tablet of phone could probably process quicker. I do like the Viliv keyboard though, it is quite a bit nicer than the UX, but then I have gotten used to the UX keyboard, plus with multiple docking station,s I am able to literally use the UX as a portable desktop with full size cordless keyboard and mouse.

The formfactor of the Viliv is indeed nice, although thinner than the UX, it has a larger footprint than the UX. When I am out and about, I sometimes use my UX while walking. I am not sure if I would try doing that with the n5. If I wanted something that was clamshell, I would possible consider the Toshiba Libretto w100. It has more cpu grunt that the UX, only buy a small amount, but it has 2Gb RAM which can be very useful!

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 08:18
by Herbert
Hello at all

I recently bought a Q1 (not the Ultra) on Ebay because I wanted to compare it with my UX and the UMPC was in a good condition. It came with the original recovery CDs, all accessooires, user Manuals and the original box.

In my oppinion it is not bad. The Icons on the screen are bigger than on the UX (because the display is larger) but I miss the Stick Pointer and the keyboard of the UX.

The Resolution with 800x480 is not the best choice for Windows - ok, you are able to scale to 1024x600 with a shortcut key, but then the user Interface of Windows becomes blurry (because it is scaled and not native).

Anyway: Nice to have and for those who want to have an UMPC but do not want to spend the Money for an UX it is a good choice.

A question: What SSD is in you Q1U "tomn"? The SuperTalent ZT2? This should also fit into the Q1 I think

Best regards