Game Development & Music Production on The UX

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Game Development & Music Production on The UX

Postby Angelus1818 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:27

Hello all,

I wanted to let everyone know my curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and installed a few of my main work application to see if the UX could even handle them. As the idea of getting work done wherever I was sounded like fun. To my kind of works.

First I tried Reason. I use Reason 7 for my music production. However it won't run on a 1024x600 screen. Also I know the UX is too slow for v7. So I honestly Pirated v5 as I spent about $400 on seven so I don't feel that bad. Plus I bought four and six in the past as well.

Anyway to my surprise it runs just fine! With ASIO4ALL drivers I can make pretty complex tracks and they run with no clipping at all. My CPU does not get overloaded and I can actually make music on the go. It's pretty cool!

It's kind of awkward to make music on the UX but very possible. Everything takes longer. In the world of music production it's known that there are some producers/composers that get an odd satisfaction from hand drawing every note in the piano roll editor with the mouse. I am one of those people. Most think it's too time consuming and use a midi keyboard. So the idea of doing the with a UMPC is really kind if insane XD

Anyway the other main application I installed was Unity! Then Game engine! Unity is pretty much only limited by how powerful your computer is and the skope of your project. Other than it takes very little to run the app itself. And yeah, it runs great.

The reason I wanted to try it is I thought it would be awesome to prototype ideas with standard Unity cubes and and stuff on the go. I wouldn't really make any actual games but if I wanted to test a simple gameplay mechanic or idea, I can now. In fact I was able to make a head bobbing effect and foot step sounds from scratch with the two applications on the UX itself for a first person controller and walked around an empty room I made! So it totally works!

All in all the UX is pretty great for a little work! Since I have a 128gb ssd I also had room to put all my Unity example projects with source code on the UX itself. As well as some of my online course videos I'm taking right now.

I can even use a few useful apps like shadermap pro to generate bump and spec maps for textures I make in Paint.NET. I'm also thinking of installing Photoshop elements 6 as I have an old copy of that and think it would be well suited for the UX.

So yeah. The UX is actually pretty good for getting some work done on the go. Granted it all takes longer and is a little awkward but you can do real work on this little guy.

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